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Tuesday September 19 2017 06:22:38 PDT

$14 Billion

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New patent review process has saved billions—so why is it under attack?

"Inter partes review" let a patent's opponents be heard, without spending millions....

Kenneka Jenkins: Rosemont Police Reject Calls for FBI Probe into Chicago Hotel Freezer Death

Activists and Jenkins’ family have demanded a federal probe into Jenkins’ death after Rosemont police released hotel surveillance footage of her last movements....

Russia's War Game Spills Into NATO Airspace, Causing Diplomatic Spat

The Baltic NATO ally summoned Russia's envoy to demand an explanation, but Moscow claims the incursion was an emergency call which is being "politicized."...

Meet the Woman Making a Point About Race by Photographing Every Human Skin Tone

Angélica Dass, photographer and activist, talks about the absurdity of racism, Black Lives Matter, and what she'd say to Donald Trump....