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Saturday June 24 2017 06:40:44 PDT


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Trump Asks 'Why No Action?' Amid Questions About Obama's Response To Russian Meddling

The president tweeted Saturday evening questioning his predecessor's response after a bombshell Washington Post report about the previous administration's decision-making about how to counter Russia....

Kochs Create Partnership with Deion Sanders to Fight Poverty

Former NFL star Deion Sanders has partnered up with the conservative Koch brothers to help fight poverty in Dallas, the Washington Post reports.Thirty-seven percent of children in Dallas live in high-poverty neighborhoods, according to a report ...

Federal Medicaid Funding Cuts Under Senate Health Care Bill Puts Pressure On States

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Julie Rovner, Chief Washington Correspondent at Kaiser Health News, about the Senate GOP health bill and what it could mean for programs funded by Medicaid....

Unitarian Universalists Denounce White Supremacy, Make Leadership Changes

The Unitarian Universalists are among the most liberal of all religious denominations in America. Activists have denounced what they see as white supremacy in the church and are changing leadership....