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Tuesday August 22 2017 09:30:15 PDT

$14 Billion

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In India, you can no longer divorce a woman simply by saying (or texting) it three times

India’s Supreme Court on Tuesday banned a rare form of instant divorce sanctioned in its most conservative Muslim communities, saying men could no longer dissolve a marriage simply by stating it three times.The controversial practice known...

Designing custom robots in a matter of minutes

Researchers have created a system called 'Interactive Robogami' that lets you design a robot in minutes, and then 3-D-print and assemble it in as little as four hours....

Danish submarine mystery takes gruesome, bizzare turns

Woman's torso floats ashore as Peter Madsen maintains innocence in Kim Wall's death....

Liveblog: The Galaxy Note 8 launches August 23 at 11am ET

Samsung's latest flagship launches soon!...